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Do I need to take herbal remedy except acupuncture ?
A: For some diesease we can do acupuncture only, you don't need to take any herbs. For some disease, herbal medicine can greatly enhance the function of acupuncture, we will recommend some herbal remedy for you. 
What kind of herbs do you have?

A: We have concentrate herbal tablets and raw herbs for decoction. Our patent tablets is special manufactured for KnowHow according to Dr Tiejun Tang's clinic expericnce.

Can I get the herbs immediately after the treatment ?

A: Yes, you can get your herbs immediately after acupuncture treatment, you don't need do wait for next day delivery. You can get a real time treatment of herbal decoction or tablets.
How is the safety of your herb ? 

A:  All the herbs in KnowHow  is absolutely safe. All the herbs are from natural plants. No animal substance, no endangered species, no toxic chemical substance. You can get more infomation about KnowHow herbal remedy at Chinese Medicine Forum.



How to decoct Chinese herbs ?  Is it difficult to boil the herbs? 

A: It is not difficult to decoct herbs. This vedio will show you the method of decoct herbs.
   Click the link below to see the video:

During the pandemic of COVID can I do acupuncture ?  

A: In Knowhow the treatment room was disinfected by UV lamp before and after each treatment. We have many disinfection measures to ensure healthy and safety. 

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